Saturday, 26 March 2016


St Kilda East, Wilson, Flatrock, St Kilda East:
I was feeling a little bit leggy last night, so I told Jim I'd go do the Bike Gallery hills ride instead of a longer ride with him like we'd planned. He figured that was a marvellous idea, and thus we gatecrashed like it was a Corey Worthington party.

Ok so not quite that raucous, we let others set the tempo until we hit flat rock road. About halfway up I rolled to the front to help out... you know the cycling equivalent of helping restock the eskies, or turns snags on the barbie. On the final ramp, I went a step further and outright hit it, laying my considerable leg muscles into the pedals to see what damage I could do to the other riders. This... well that's probably in line with Corey's partay.

After looking back to see that I'd even managed to distance Fergus, I felt a sense of pride. I was like a bogan wearing an australian flag as a cape on Australia Day. Moment's later I was like the same bogan the next day, waking up feeling a little bit sore, and realising he might have been a bit of a knob. So I sat up and rode two up with Ferg until the t-junction... then most of the way back to Eltham to make sure people understood that I was sorry for vomiting on their lawn and doing... um... yeah sorry about the garden gnomes too.

When we got to Pony Club the pace lifted a little. Like a noun that gets capitalised and treated as a proper noun, this change of pace stood out a bit. I enquired of young Fergus if there was to be fun and games, and it turns out there was. So, I pretended it was a Tuesday morning and smacked on the pedals again. That went kind of well, but mostly painfully until the final left hander, where I went to stand and kick out of the saddle, but instead hit the shifter and send my chain back to the small chainring and my legs into a flurry of activity. Thankfully it was only me and Ferg up front by that stage, so very few people will ever know of my shame.

If you're after a little hilly bunchy that's a touch less ego/fast than Peaks, this one could be an option. I don't actually know if it's open to all comers, so best be nice to Cam, Linc, James, and Ferg... possibly before fronting.

Strava link.

D: 86.1km
A: 1,251m

PMPW: 87kg

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