Friday, 25 March 2016


St Kilda East - HCC Crit - St Kilda East:
I could have sworn I raced the HCC Good Friday Crit last year, but it was two years ago. Maybe there wasn't one last year, all I know is I was off riding up Humevale for the first time with with Rick and Jase.

Anyway, I signed up sometime during the week, happy that I'd get another chance at racing around the teardrop, and a benchmark for my fitness before SKCC Crit Champs next weekend. I'll be honest that I rolled up hoping for another envelope, but the lack of an instagram post, showing such an envelope, embedded on this page should be a hint that it did come to pass.

What did come to pass were other riders and me... but mostly on the final lap, when I cracked under the pressure of the chasing bunch 100m from the final corner.

The two laps before that saw me hoping to use a few riders off the front to get near Alby and another who were well off the front.

The 10 or so minutes before that had me occasionally helping chase the two off the front, sometimes not.

The half an hour before that are a bit of a blur of attacks and counter attacks, but also a general feeling of being completely in control. No, obviously not in control enough to get in the winning move, or even pick that it was the winning move, but in control to cope with the mental and physical strains of a good solid race. So despite being the first thing that went on in the race, it's the thing I'm taking away.

All rright, so it wasn't just that feeling, I also took away 9 hot cross buns. But they were giving them away, and I have a condition that makes me overindulge in toasted spiced fruit buns slathered in salted butter.

Strava link.

D: 54.0km
A: 515m

PMPW: 87kg

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