Thursday, 10 March 2016


Bike Fit:
It's been a while since Steve Hogg waved some magnets at me in his shop in Sydney, and while I'm still inflexible in the hamstrings, I've changed my body composition and power profile a bit, so I figured it was time for a review.

Anyway, instead of flights and magnets I hung out with my mate Jay as SBR and the funky Guru jig he's got going on in there. It's pretty rad that the position can be changed via computer and motors, meaning you dont need to get up, let alone unclip. We started with the arse, moving it up, and down, and up more, then down a bit, then up and fuck... um... yeah down a couple of mm, nah back... nah give me those 2mm back. Then bar drop and reach, then finally a quick review of cleats.

After talking about the purpose of my old fit (all day power), and my current cycling (some hills, some helly, some crits), I was unsurprised that in the end my saddle went forward a bit, and up a bit. What did surprise me was that I was happiest with my bars around 10mm closer than I currently have them. A quick job to push the cleats in (to push my feet out), and it was time to towel off and fuck off.

Like last fit, I'm ok with the concept, the proof of the effectiveness of these changes will come over the next few weeks and months. Oh, and the guru system is pretty rad "this is your old fit..... ok and this is your new fit.... ok and this is your old fit", all while pedalling away. If it was somehow upgraded to direct drive rather than a tyre/drum setup, it'd be perfect (tyres slip on drums when dropping watts).


D: 28.4km
A: 109m

PMPW: 87kg

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