Sunday, 7 February 2016


Normally when I ride up Arthurs Seat, its in a 100km+ day in the saddle. It's a solid outing, and I get home feeling like I've accomplished something. I always ascribed that feeling of accomplishment to the climb itself, but now I'm not so sure.

You see I was down the peninsula to watch Chris Froome destroy the Herald Sun Tour on 3 repeats of the gruelling Arthurs Seat climb... but left feeling conflicted. It was pretty easy for me, rolling up in shorts and a t-shirt, chatting to Lonty and passing punters left and right.

No, seriously, the elite guys are freaks. Once again Froome isn't on Strava so I've only got blokes who podiumed to compare to. Let's go with Scott Davies, he set the 2nd fastest time ever (Canty has the KOM) with a 7:34. The best I've done is a 10:42. 3 minutes is ridiculous over a 3km climb, but let's grab some other numbers just to ram that fact home. I averaged 15.5 km/h where as our mate Scott ripped himself up the climb at 21.9km/h. Ok, that's considerable... so what does it take to achieve these times?! 440W. The difference is, my 441W had to push 86kg up the climb, Scott's 439W had to push 60-65kg. So to match him I either need to shed 23kg-ish, or generate another 160W of power.... and that still wouldn't be enough to go with Froome in his first race of the season.

PMPW: 88kg

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