Sunday, 28 February 2016


St Kilda East - SKCC Crit - St Kilda East:
After yesterday's power no show, I was a teensy bit nervous about today. I knew I wanted to get a roll around the White St circuit in, try out some new wheels/tyres and get a gauge to my fitness compared to others. In short the trauma of PVDP and Haigy treating me/us as after thoughts at HCC last month.

It turns out the fitness is alright. I wanted to just roll around and have a sprint at the end, but breaks kept going up the road, threatening to get out of sight and roll away with the win. I rolled a few hard turns in chases and bridging attempts, but there was either someone rolling too hot, or too many passengers as it was neigh on impossible to get anything working cleanly. Despite this, it was groupo compacto with 5 minutes to go, a sprint after all!

I'd put too much work in to think I'd beat Sammy Witmitz in a sprint, so I after confirming he was keen for a kick, I offered him a leadout. A couple more laps, some shuffling and reshuffling of positions and suddenly there were 4 guys off the front and no one pulling on the front of the bunch. I yelled at some people, but still no one pulled. I hummed, I hawwed, I stared intently at the backs of the riders heading away from us up the back straight, it was either a few seconds or a few years between when they had attacked, and when I eventually took it upon myself to shut the move down.

That was me out of the sprint, or even the leadout, but a nice effort to round out the best 60 mintues of power I've done for at least 18 months. 349W, which is still over 100W down on what Wiggo can punch out... I'll just add that to the list of things I can't do like the Brit (I can't grow sideburns either).

Strava link.

D: 66.5km
A: 132m

PMPW: 88kg

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