Thursday, 7 January 2016


6am NRR:
Do you remember that moment in The Fifth Element, when all the planets align and then Bruce Willis has to pash Milla Jovovich, well this morning there was no Bruce and pashing, but due to interstellar alignment, there was a solid crew of Rush riders on Northy. It felt like 2012 all over again with the likes of DK, Skinny, Youngie, Sewell, Needam, and Bradley out for a roll around.

To celebrate the occasion the god of traffic lights smiled upon the bunch, leaving us with a pretty much uninterrupted run down the highway and back along the beach. That in turn kept a big group of fellas, and the occasional sheila, pulling through. That in turn kept the pace high and steady. That in turn gave more time for coffees and a chat after.

It all just felt right, including my legs which span through nicely after a few weeks of feeling a little bit sluggish. Then, to put a delicious maraschino cherry* on top of it all, Josiah Ng was rocking out in the bunch. God I've got a man crush on that bloke.

Strava link.

D: 57.3km
A: 224m


D: 13.4km
A: 88m

PMPW: 87kg

* Actually I'm not convicned they're that delicious, but they serve as a standard metaphor for additional goodness. Do you know what is a good type of cherry though? Rainier!

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