Thursday, 21 January 2016


These quotes/comments from Tom Boonen come from a rouleur article. Reading them I nodded, and agreed that this was a good way to be, a good way to race, but the tiniest bit of self reflection showed they aren't what I do.

The easiest way to get beaten is to be predictable. Everybody’s predictable these days.”

He returns to the topic later in the same conversation.

“Sometimes you need to be able to lose the race to win it.”

“I think some people prefer to lose the race and not attack, than to attack and get dropped, and I don’t like it.”

Tom and I are obviously in different worlds, and I'm not actually talking about skill/fitness. His job is to race his bike, where as mine involves spreadsheets. His hobby is rumoured to involve white powder, mine is riding my bike. In other words it's very possible that these sentiments shouldn't apply to my racing.

D: 26.2km
A: 133m

PMPW: 87kg

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