Wednesday, 20 January 2016



D: 26.8km
A: 121m

St Kilda East - HCC Crit:
I figured it'd be an easier night at HCC, a perfect chance to re-dip my toe into racing. Then Paul Van Der Ploeg turned up, then Adrian Jackson, then Jack Haig, and then Alby. While the following was somewhat put on (as I was always going to race), there's a grain of truth in there. A nubbin of fact. Un soupçon de réalité.

The first 15 minutes were ferocious. PVDP and Haig were the main instigators. Taking it in turns to hit the bunch and each other with attacks up the climb and over the top. I was failing to hold wheels through the bottom corner, which meant I had to not only hang on to their moves, but chase a small gap to them too.

After the sprint came and went, it settled somewhat, with a few extra moments between moves. I tried to keep myself towards the front, but it was a hot and humid washing machine all night. With a dozen or so laps to go my rear tyre expelled all it's air, and getting a spare off of Dunny gave me a chance to suck back some air of my own. I felt a bit guilty about that though, because when I got back in, it felt a lot easier, or I was a lot fresher. I reckon that played into my poor positioning in the last couple of laps, but even had I been 2nd wheel into the final corner, we'd given Warrack too much leash, and he took a win that if it was me, would be the highlight of my cycling life.

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D: 39.0km
A: 446m

PMPW: 86kg

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