Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Ricktastic Tuesday:
I wasn't feeling super super today, Rick lit up the final hill on Belmore rd and it gave me a moment to think about if I liked him or not. I do, but at the time I wasn't so sure.

Anyway rolling into Pony Club I figured I'd go the standard effort on the front. A few weeks back, chatting with my mate Strava, he told me I'd once held just over 600W the whole way, and repeating that became my goal. Round past Seymour rd I was surprised to see I was pushing over 700W, so that became my goal. I was never going to hold massive numbers on the flatter middle section, and I semi cracked on the drive to the line, but god damn it felt good. The final figure is 663W for 103 seconds blitzes anything else I've done for that time period.

Anyway, enough number nerdary. Warrack did a sneaky ride onto my back wheel and thus took a second out of my climb time. That just means next time I'm going to have to go another 2 seconds faster.

Strava link.

D: 54.8km
A: 658m


D: 13.5km
A: 66m

PMPW: 88kg


Unknown said...

I'm glad i'm still liked.

I'm not so glad that the pony club looks like it's about to become a regular race.

Mr. Wednesday was good also. Good find.

neil said...

isn't pony club always a race?

sometimes it starts as far back as rosehill!