Sunday, 10 January 2016


St Kilda East, Devils Elbow, The Wall, Sassafrass Creek, St Kilda East:
As late as 8pm last night (which isn't far shy of bed time), I didn't have any plans for riding today. Sure, getting out on the bike would be nice, but there wasn't anything in particular I wanted to do. So I took the option to ride with mates. Lee was heading to the Nongs for a roll, and yeah, sure, let's do that.

That same lack of any specific desire continued until a few hundred metres into Devils Elbow. I had rolled up next to Andy Doorman, I figured we'd make our way to the top, maybe even have a little sprint as we neared the end of Churchill Drive, maybe play a bit of half wheeling. I should go back a way and explain I know Andy, a decade ago he was a young bloke driven to go bloody fast up hills. I met him at ABOC climbing camps at Mt Hotham, and there was little chance I could match his climbing speed. So back to today, after a few moments I realised he was having difficulty with the pace, after I scooted forward to let a car pass easily, he didn't come back up to two abreast, so I did what any normal person would, I drove the pace hard.

I had a few mental farts between there and the top, but mostly it was a good solid climb that I didn't think about much until I got home and had a chat with my mate Strava. The first comment it made was that I'd PB'd the climb. Nice! Then it went on to show me that I'd taken 33 seconds off my previous PB. Shit yeah! I was a 90 seconds faster than my best from when DK and I were training pre 2012 Warny. Fuck yeah! I was a few seconds faster than DK's best from the same time.... wait.... what?!

That last one is hard for me to process. DK is a mate, but he's also an unstoppable cybernetic quadriceps sent back from the future to destroy bunchies. I'm sure he's faster now (he's and Strava aren't talking any more), but that 2012 DK still stands in my mind as another level of fast. Untouchablely fast.... and I just shaved a few seconds off of him.

Strava link.

D: 100.7km
A: 1,691m

PMPW: 87kg

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