Monday, 28 December 2015


St Kilda East - Kars - Baden Powel - Canadian bay - Two bays - St Kilda East:
The question of whether I'd hit any part of the Wednesday long loop hard this morning, was first answered when Adam hit it at the bottom of Canadian Bay rd. I couldn't resist, I couldn't let him get a lead, to get away... so I did what I always do, I marked the shit out out of it.

Before we reached the false flat, maybe about half way up the first ramp, I was once again faced with the question. Adam had blown, and I was clear off the front of everyone. At this juncture I decided to push on to the false flat where I re-assessed the question.

One one hand, it was a bonus day of kms after a period of being slightly behind the recovery curve. In other words, pain wasn't necessary. On the other hand, pew pew pew, attack attack, more!

I eased at the false flat, I could hear someone having a go. I looked over my shoulder and found Leigh giving a solo bridging a crack, so I decided to wait. I pulled through the false flat, then attacked him on the kicker to the top. At this point the question was not if I should hurt, I'd pretty much decided I was, but how best to go about it.

So I waited for Leigh, and asked if he was keen to set a time up Two bays. My intention was to give him the best sit, to keep him on my wheel for as long as possible and thus have a witness to my effort or lack there of.

450W was my mark, and I set about putting it out only to find Turner had descended hard to make the catch. No sooner had he announced his presence at the back, then Leigh announced his at the front, driving the pace up a bit. I took a short sit, then got back to the front to preserve his legs. It was at this point it stopped being about me, and became about Mr Aitken, because he soon sounded like an emphysematous steam train. I kept the pace, he held the wheel, and I gained a lot of respect for how deep he was willing to dig.

Strava tells me Leigh PB'd the climb, a text told me that he'd done so by 30 seconds. Nice!

As for me, I was within 3 seconds of my best, and did more of the work to achieve it. Maybe that means I could go even quicker sometime soon.

Strava link.

D: 103.6km
A: 584m

PMPW: 88kg

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