Saturday, 19 December 2015


Hell Ride:
It's not every day I see a move by a national champ and think "I might ride over there and keep them company". Today I did, Joe Cooper, resplendent in his Kiwi kit hit Olivers hill hard, I figured I'd abandon the safety of the bunch, and go keep him company. A few moments later, in a moment that topped the surrealness, we rode past Baden Cooke. Sure it's likely Joe's offy, and Baden has hung up his professional racing boots, but if the ride had stopped then and there, I would have held that moment dear for at least a few more months.

It didn't end there, a short while later I decided that no one else was going to be capable of chasing down Simon Clarke and Pat Lane, so I better give it a go. I didn't make it, Pat is fucking flying right now, and he hit it hard. It was the same attack as a few weeks back, but launched from the exit of Baden Powell, with the confidence of a man who was going to ride it all the way to the line.

I'm struggling to write why those two moments mean so much, so much so that I started this paragraph several times before these words were left on the screen. I suppose it's that I know there's a clear class difference between these guys and me, but right now, with a good chunk of fitness under my belt (them lacking some), and some efforts that suit me, I get to glimpse at their world and to feel part of it.

The time spent talking crap with mates over coffee, smoothies and the water jug I spilled all over my lap... well that's bloody ace too.

Strava link.

D: 100.0km
A: 374m

PMPW: 88kg

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