Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Ricktastic Tuesday:
Bing joined Ricky and I for the roll this morning, and it went pretty much how I would have predicted it. I got nervous and half wheeled/attacked everything, Mick responded to it all, and Rick stoically got the job done.

Hitting the ramp of Parker st, I decided to give it a nudge, I'd done up my shoes and figured it was a good chance to see what time I could set up the double digit gradients. The strava KOM was nice, but what I didn't expect was some power PBs. I held on to 1,000W for longer that I've done before (40sec), but at the time I distinctly remember consciously shutting it down, and my body declaring it was good for a few seconds more.

That wasn't the most important part of the ride though, that honour has always been, and will always be, where to go for coffee afterwards.

Strava link.

D: 47.6km
A: 637m


D: 12.7km
A: 46m

PMPW: 88kg

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