Sunday, 13 December 2015


If I had $5 for every time today that I thought "I have no idea where I am", I'd almost have enough to cover the cost of the cx tubes/CO2 canisters the bunch went through. The sheer number trails and paths heading down past Frankston from Patto river was surprising, almost as surprising as the branch I copped to the mouth early on. I ducked under the tree I thought the call of "heads" was about, only to suddenly feel my lips becoming more firmly acquainted with my teeth by what I can only assume was a branch flicking back after the rider in front.

Face claret aside, I had a bunch of fun on the sandy trails. Big drifts of powdery silica would often appear out of nowhere. You'd be mid pack, following wheels, having a chat, and suddenly back wheels were weaving more than an 17th century English serf, and that was just the flat or uphill sections. One chute of single track held more drift action than an Toyota AE86. Half way down, having just cleared the series of 3 drops, the rider in front decided to have a little nap. Braking wasn't an option, turning? I don't think i could do that... bunny hop? hahahaha.

Anyway, I've got many GB of GoPro footage to get through at some stage, and a front tyre to whack sealant into before the Xmas Belgie on Wednesday morning.

Strava link.

D: 59.3km
A: 547m

PMPW: 86kg

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