Saturday, 21 November 2015


St Kida East - Warrandyte - Park Orchards - Ringwood North - Warrandyte - Eltham - Kangaroo Ground - North Warrandyte - St Kilda East:
About a year ago I spied a route created by my old mate BJ, at the time it was a 100km loop with ~2,300m of climbing. I sent him a text and declared I wanted in on it... and in the following 12 months he's added and refined until today he had a 120km ride, with 3,200m vert. I figured if a dumb idea was good, then a really dumb idea was better, so I rode out to Warrandyte to meet him, Jim, Christian and Justin.

The bit after we got rolling... I could either fill pages with text, or sum it up in a few brief sentences. I'll try for the middle the middle, but you'll forgive me if I ramble on, we certainly did during the five and a half hours the loop took.

It wasn't a race, but there were a few small things like "first to wheel spin" and "first to walk". Each of the boys have been riding and racing since before this blog began (hint that's going on 7 years), so normally such things would be unheard of... but we were riding the steepest roads that could be linked up, and it was drizzling when we started out.

I tried to pace myself, the last time I did over 2,000m vert in a single ride was in September, and that wasn't the norm even then. It wasn't just that either... the steepest and longest climbs were at the end, Gumtree, Pigeonbank and Kruses. A few times I thought about turning early, about taking my vert and hightailing it for home, pizza, and icecream.

Instead I rolled on when Jim and Justin exited stage left. I kept going when the conversation stopped, I assume the other two were each in their own mind. I kept going straight when all I wanted to do was deliver the mail, when my arms were screaming and my legs were struggling.

At the top of Kruses I gave BJ and Christian a handshake, or a fist bump, some form of digit touching... and grunted a few words along the lines of "good seeing you", then turned for home into the teeth of a ripping southerly.

Dumb ideas, are the best ideas.

Strava link.

D: 185.5km
A: 4,271m

PMPW: 85kg

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