Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Commute w extras:
I was meant to meet a mate for a roll, at least I think I was, anyway he wasn't where we didn't actually agree to meet at the time we didn't confirm... so I went for a roll anyway.

Part way down the golden mile I spied a few of the Bak Pocket girls making their way North. "Sweet" I thought. That meant a bunch of massive dudes would soon come rampaging along, and I'd be able to get a nice little leg opener and a coffee. Sure enough, lead by Drew Ginn, they came storming through, and after a dodgy u-turn I was ensconced in their little working group on my way to a piccolo latte.

Strava link.

D: 37.6km
A: 105m

HCC Crit:
Brendan Canty, Allan Iacuone, Alex Morgan, Troy Clarke, David Collins, the Drapac boys, Cam Clamp, Warrack Leach, I'm sure I've missed a few solid riders with a desire to make races hard, but that's what faced me when I rolled up today.

I started up front, but after a little foray into the wind decided to recover a little. Laps came and went, and there wasn't much of a chance to get forward, the pace was hot, and I had a few moments of being pretty much cross eyed.

This is Martyn Taylor's photo, and my knee.

Suddenly it was 4 laps to go, and I had no idea the status of the race, was anyone up the road? I pushed up and asked around, the general consensus was two were away, then Canty drilled it and no one could hold his wheel. 3 up the road. I asked Alby if he wanted me to bring it back, but he told me he didn't have the legs/heart for it... then promptly launched himself too. Through for two to go and guys were dumping their legs, as we hit the bottom straight an elbow flicked and it was my turn in the wind. I put a hard tempo in, tried to get the bike round the corner smoothly, then dumped everything I had left up to the line and the bell. I'd picked up Alby, but Canty and the two others were still away, from what I can tell that's how it finished too.

Not a great race, but I'm happy that it was at the very least a solid training session.

Strava link.

D: 51.8km
A: 491m

PMPW: 85kg

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