Monday, 5 October 2015


There were a few moments on my commute home that I thought were worth noting down.

First up was when I rolled out of work into the heat of the day and unzipped my jersey. i remember thinking to myself, "yep, that'll be worth a mention."

Then later on that moment was superseded by seeing a guy rolling the other way in full tights and a long sleeve (i believe roubaix lined) jersey. "No no, THIS is the moment of the day."

Not long after that, a mere 6km after leaving work, was the true moment of the day. Coming towards me, was the mountain of a man known best as Beggers. I lifted mt hand in the air in greeting, then held it out to the side. His eyes locked on mine, and his own giant mitt extended out... moments passed... pedals turned... then a crack of thunder peeled out across the docklands. Best high five of 2015.

D: 30.2km
A: 127m

PMPW: 86kg

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