Sunday, 6 September 2015


CX Shenanigans:
Last night I planned a couple of things for this morning, but didn't plan on one pertinent item.

I got up early and was out the door at 6am. I knew that sun rise is 6:35, so by the time I got to singletrack it'd be light and I'd have them all to myself. I'm a thinker, this was good thinking.

I didn't really come up with a specific route, so I was kind of exploring and going with a path less ridden vibe. Which brings be to a bit of trail along the Yarra between Bridge Rd and Victoria St. I was thinking about the ennui that I seemed to have, and how I wasn't doing the opportunity to ride much justice. This particular bit of trail is not a bad one for that scenario though, it starts off open, but tightens up before two quick dips and turns spit give you something to think about, before it spits you out the end. It was the second one of those dippy turny bits that I got some good thinking done. Thoughts like "Shit, that's not ideal!", "Was my tyre flat or did I push too hard?", and "Fuck I'm still attached to my bike, this might hurt in a bit!".

I reckon those are valid thoughts, and they finally pointed to me being present in the moment. Sadly during the many moments that followed while I sat by a slightly foggy Yarra river and put a tube in my very burped front tyre, I came back out of the moment. I decided I would just rather go home, have a shower, make a coffee, and possibly not tell anyone about digging the poor worm and his/her dirt home out of my shoe buckle.

Strava link.

D: 19.9km
A: 124m

PMPW: 86kg

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