Saturday, 5 September 2015


St Kilda East - Yarra St - Rush shop ride - St Kilda East:
There was a bit of a pre round the bay training ride training ride going on today, which meant I had a roll along beach road with some people who might not have ridden as much as the gents that accompanied me on my jaunt through the hills last Saturday. That's not said to disparage anyone, I'm firmly behind the idea that more people, or more bikes, is more better. The reason I mention it, is I was aware in advance I wouldn't be getting as much of a workout today.

So... I made a plan!

I got up early, and rolled out of home with sort of enough time to get to Rush and do the pre-loop. It was as I hoofed it up Chapel st that a kink in my plan revealed itself. The kink itself developed some time last night, when the tiny Canadian and I were smashing our way through some delicious burgers. I remember the moment clearly, I was in the kitchen, looking down at a plate of lettuce, charred beef, and melty cheese, and I thought to myself... hot sauce would make this even better. So I went to the fridge and the cupboard, they're next to each other, and both have a fine selection of chilli based condiments, and selected two bottles.

Diemens,  made in part by my Canadian mate Reece with Australian pepper berries, give it a go, it's good stuff... anyway that wasn't the issue. The second bottle was El Yuceteco Kutbil-ik, and I have a tortured relationship with it. On one hand it's got this deep smoked habanero flavour that I can not resist, on the other hand, it's ~12,000 scoville units, and runs through me like an express train... which was the issue I previously alluded to.

Anyway, with the shop not due to open for another hour or so, I made use of a public bathroom, and made do with a couple repeats of Yarra St before the Beach Rd jaunt with my new mates.

Strava link.

D: 87.0km
A: 540m

PMPW: 86kg


Unknown said...

ah ha...... I wonder then as a result of this incident what your weight was, and if 86kg's you have stated is accurate?

neil said...

I didnt have a scale in the public dunny to find out if it went down further!