Saturday, 19 September 2015


Rick and I met a strong BG crew on route north for a little Wardennes action. I wasn't the slowest, but there was a bloke named Jeremy who was a shoe in for the title of fastest.

On Mt Pleasant I let others push the air, trying my best to keep myself cool calm and collected, because to be fair, I thought I might struggle to even hold on. When I found myself still attached leading into the final kicker to the Warrandyte Rd, I decided to try to hit the last few riders from behind and sneak a win. Not only was I caught, but I was dispatched by the fellow in royal blue Rapha (the Jeremy character I mentioned earlier).

Once that pecking order was established, it quietened down a little. I played near the front for most of the ride, but the pace never quite required I dig as deep, I'm going to go as far as saying I was having fun.

This is totes Gene Kehoe's photo.

Then... a mate hit the deck. There was a stray tool biddon, a corner, and a ditch on the other side. Ambulances were called, and once the paramedics applied a Dora the Explorer bandaid to the worst of the wounds, there was a remounting and a ride home in the sun.

It sounds slightly anti-climactic, and I was thinking just that as I rolled down Chapel st on my way home, then I decided to think about the car that was giving me a right good nudge from the right. While no trained medical professionals were required, my road bike now sports a new hanger... so that's something I suppose.

Strava link.

D: 96.6km
A: 1,376

PMPW: 85kg

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