Saturday, 8 August 2015


Australian CX Champs - FOJ:
I nervous as hell for this race, the weight of hope and expectation had my heart rate over 100bpm on the start line. I was confident I had the VIC riders covered given I'd won states, but there were a few interstate guys who I had no idea about. With no control over them, I worked on what I could control before the race, me. I sighted the course straight after registering, then put good 35 minutes on the trainer with a few cadence, a torque, and an over threshold efforts... then 15 minutes before the scheduled start, I scoffed a caffinated gel.

The course was harder than at the VIC champs, but my strategy was the same. Let a couple of others set the pace early, then bring it home strong. Into the first corner I was in the top 5, a little bit of work got me around the lesser riders who'd been over enthusiastic, but a Flanders/Nemesis rider had slipped past Adam Lana and was putting time into us all, while I was making sure Todd Cuthbert got a good close look at the bunting every time he tried to sneak around me.

Eventually Todd dropped back and I got up past Adam, but the little Flanders/Nemesis guy was still taking time out of us all, and soon a Giant Adelaide rider got around me and slowly opened up a gap. I did what I could, but I was already going at near maximum, the multiple hits of the sandpit, the run up and the small pinch being right after each other kept my HR soaring.

By the two laps to go sign I was comfortable being beaten by the two boys in blue, I kept pushing in the hope they'd crack, but despite getting super loose a few times, I wasn't making any inroads to their lead. On the final lap, there was no lifting to bring it home, I was spent! I did attempt to lift (read rotate) my bars mid lap after they slipped down in the sand pit, but even that correction eluded me.

So, 3rd at nationals, at least this time I had others on the dais when I received the bronze (reference).

Strava link.

D: 13.9km
A: 243m

PMPW: 85kg

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Well mate! Great effort.