Saturday, 29 August 2015


St Kilda East - Iron Bark - Mine - Christian - Flat Rock - St Kilda East
A couple of pints of white rabbit dark ale last night meant I slept very poorly, waking every hour or two to feel both the need to drink more water, and the need to pee. To make my morning even more foreboding, Ryan had pulled out, meaning it'd be just me and Dusty rolling hills.

Don't get me wrong, I like Dustin, he's a nice bloke, carries his end of the conversation well, and laughs at all the right points in my stories. The issue is, we're still not sure which of us is fitter at the moment. Riding without Ryan to temper our efforts, I feared it'd be a half wheeling, threshold smashing affair, not what I wanted after a crummy sleep.

Thankfully we ran into a group of Dusty's mates, and formed a little group to roll out through Nutfield, before turning back home via Hurstbridge and Eltham. Dusty and I even managed to keep ourselves mostly in check, though on the ramps of Flat Rock there was some solid work being done to try and shake the other loose.

While there's still some doubt as to the answer of who's faster (neither of us was fresh), the one blatantly outstanding question from the day is why didn't I do another 300m to make it a round 100km?!

Strava link.

D: 99.7km
A: 1,585m

PMPW: 83kg

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