Sunday, 26 July 2015


VIC CX Champs (FOJ):
I checked out the start list for today's VIC MMAS2 CX Champs, and decided I was good for the win. The ol'set some high expectations, and then get super nervous about meeting them trick.

I didn't do a warmup, but I did sight the course and jam some caffeine in my face hole, so I figured that's almost as good. They started the grades in waves, so we initially had some clear track, only making contact with the back of MMAS1 when we hit the sand for the first time, then it was messy. The sand twists  even the best riders into taking complex routes, and we were playing with the least experienced of the 30-34 year olds. I got caught up behind a few that didn't make it through mounted, and lost both momentum and some places, I used the frustration to force the pedals around and got to chasing.

Laps came and went, I made up ground, passing all the riders I knew. I slipped past Spiro up a small rise, then moments after a coming together in the sandpit, I punched it past the guy on the Ridley from last week (Andrew Low).

It took a while to finally make contact with Adam Lana, I'd been chasing him and a Flanders rider (Mark Moss) for a while, and on the wall of a hill about 1/3 of the way into the lap, I ran onto Adam's wheel... but by then, Mark had ridden off on us both. Adam bobbled a short time later in the sand, and I made my way past into 2nd... or so I thought.

The next 2/3 of the race I was convinced I was in 2nd. I'd read the number of the Mr Moss when I'd approached him and Adam, 41, a MMAS2 number. The announcer kept calling me as in the lead, but I figured he was wrong, so I kept chasing, knowing I was getting gapped every time up the hill.

This photo was taken by Scott Mooney.

A few more laps by myself and I finally made contact with Lawson Hartshorn. I knew he was in the younger category, doing his best to chase Mat Gray who was positively stomping, so I called my grade early when passing and never tried to shake him off. I wanted Mark, he wanted Mat, there was no point wasting energy trying to break one another until we got them both and fought for the outright masters win.

We never did catch the two M's, and after a small front tyre burp turned into a BIG front tyre burp on the last lap, Adam recaught me. I jammed a CO² cartridge in, and tried to shake him loose, but it wasn't until we hit the road hill, which by now also featured a block headwind and ice like drizzle, that I got a gap and made it back to Lawson.

Mark Moss's number was actually 71, and he's MMAS3... so the commentator was right, I was winning my category. It's been a while between state titles, and maybe even longer since I demanded a hug from a competitor post race. Last one I recall was Campbell Townsend at a Gravity 12 hour, this time it was Adam Lana. Both times it was because they'd helped push me to achieve, and kept me honest when it got tough.

Strava link.

D: 12.6km
A: 253m

PMPW: 85kg

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