Friday, 31 July 2015


Today, unlike yesterday had gorgeous weather, sunny, limited wind, the perfect sort of day to get a ride in, but not really to plan. 3 days on is my limit at the moment, and even though tomorrow doesn't look ideal for riding out doors, I didn't want to roll myself into a hole because I'm scared of precipitation or doing an extended ergo set.

In other news, here's my footage of the VIC CX Champs from last weekend. The temperature is there so you can laugh as it plummets 10°C towards the end.

PMPW: 83kg

Thursday, 30 July 2015


A ripping tailwind simultaneously feels easy and hard, and I can't work out any physics that explain it. Today's Northerly was no exception, howling in from somewhere, and relegating me to a mid pack position to look for some relief.

When a red light chopped the bunch off from Tom Leaper and another, I was happy to let them go, I think I even called that we'd never see Tom again (we didn't). When another chopped a handful of us off from those that remained and were willing to work, I rolled up to lend a hand so that I could get a better sit later.

I rolled turns on the way home too, but only when it rolled down wind. When the turns broke down and restarted up wind I wanted no bar of it. I just wanted to get to a coffee, and was feeling mopey that none of my usual brew companions were about.

Strava link.

D: 42.6km
A: 174m

PMPW: 84kg

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


5:45am NRR long:
I did a little work on the way down and the way back this morning, but I'm still looking at the hills as both my form guide and my quality training, and for them... I kept my noise firmly out of the wind today.

It was effectively groupo compacto until just after the dip in Canadian Bay Rd, a few gaps opened here and there, and I may have nudged myself forward a bit to ensure the one behind me was harder to close, but it was all back together for that first kick. After that first kick it was like a violet crumble that lay forgotten in the bottom of a school bag for a week, shattered. 5 of us were clear, and only some hard chasing by Lach down to Two Bays changed those numbers.

I can get myself up Canadian Bay rd with pure grunt, but Two Bays being that little bit longer finds me lacking more often than not. I didn't want to be found lacking today, and that made the difference. Heart rate and Power were irrelevant, pain was inconsequential, I didn't even look down at the data because what I needed to know was in front of me. When a gap opened a wheel or so in front, I gave the riders a moment to react, then drove into the gap solo, in the wind for the first time, chasing the 2 leaders.

 The data tells me it was one of the better times I've done up Two Bays and passing Dan Pickering and Allan Iacuone on a climb was icing on the good vibes. I know they had both worked hard and were having off days, but I'm writing it in my diary in red pen, maybe even hanging a postit note out the side so I can find it quickly. It feels good to feel good.

Those good feelings subsided a little on the way home, as once again it became a smashfest.

Strava link.

D: 94.9km
A: 530m

PMPW: 85kg

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Ricktastic Tuesday:
The pace wasn't super hot today, I think everyone was distracted by trying to sort out a loop that took us to a new cafe, and then by the rain that drenched us around Doncaster.

There were plenty of giggles though, like Ryan fishtailing down Elgar road... or the fact I was wearing my Vic CX Champs medal under my kit.

Strava link.

D: 47.5km
A: 648m


Monday, 27 July 2015


After a tough 13km yesterday I was ready for a day of stretching, foam rolling, and general feet up recovery... scratch that, it wasn't even 13km.

PMPW: 85kg

Sunday, 26 July 2015


VIC CX Champs (FOJ):
I checked out the start list for today's VIC MMAS2 CX Champs, and decided I was good for the win. The ol'set some high expectations, and then get super nervous about meeting them trick.

I didn't do a warmup, but I did sight the course and jam some caffeine in my face hole, so I figured that's almost as good. They started the grades in waves, so we initially had some clear track, only making contact with the back of MMAS1 when we hit the sand for the first time, then it was messy. The sand twists  even the best riders into taking complex routes, and we were playing with the least experienced of the 30-34 year olds. I got caught up behind a few that didn't make it through mounted, and lost both momentum and some places, I used the frustration to force the pedals around and got to chasing.

Laps came and went, I made up ground, passing all the riders I knew. I slipped past Spiro up a small rise, then moments after a coming together in the sandpit, I punched it past the guy on the Ridley from last week (Andrew Low).

It took a while to finally make contact with Adam Lana, I'd been chasing him and a Flanders rider (Mark Moss) for a while, and on the wall of a hill about 1/3 of the way into the lap, I ran onto Adam's wheel... but by then, Mark had ridden off on us both. Adam bobbled a short time later in the sand, and I made my way past into 2nd... or so I thought.

The next 2/3 of the race I was convinced I was in 2nd. I'd read the number of the Mr Moss when I'd approached him and Adam, 41, a MMAS2 number. The announcer kept calling me as in the lead, but I figured he was wrong, so I kept chasing, knowing I was getting gapped every time up the hill.

This photo was taken by Scott Mooney.

A few more laps by myself and I finally made contact with Lawson Hartshorn. I knew he was in the younger category, doing his best to chase Mat Gray who was positively stomping, so I called my grade early when passing and never tried to shake him off. I wanted Mark, he wanted Mat, there was no point wasting energy trying to break one another until we got them both and fought for the outright masters win.

We never did catch the two M's, and after a small front tyre burp turned into a BIG front tyre burp on the last lap, Adam recaught me. I jammed a CO² cartridge in, and tried to shake him loose, but it wasn't until we hit the road hill, which by now also featured a block headwind and ice like drizzle, that I got a gap and made it back to Lawson.

Mark Moss's number was actually 71, and he's MMAS3... so the commentator was right, I was winning my category. It's been a while between state titles, and maybe even longer since I demanded a hug from a competitor post race. Last one I recall was Campbell Townsend at a Gravity 12 hour, this time it was Adam Lana. Both times it was because they'd helped push me to achieve, and kept me honest when it got tough.

Strava link.

D: 12.6km
A: 253m

PMPW: 85kg

Saturday, 25 July 2015


Hell Ride:
There was a wind today, and it had enough Westerly about it to make life a bit more dramatic than normal.

It's not uncommon to hit Olivers Hill and worry that you're so far to the (right hand) side that you wont get up the service road. Today, things were so jammed in the gutter, I feared I might not get up Hopes Rise, but would instead end up in someone's garden.

It was on Hopes Rise that the chaos started for the bunch. I figured I'd just hang out with a few others, but by the top I realised a couple of guys had ridden clear of us, and we'd managed to gap everyone else. I'm sure the next couple of hills took their toll, but by the time I set out solo on the rise to Canadian Bay, I'd stopped looking back, and was instead trying to stay mindful of going forward.

I was caught by a rampaging Tommy Nankervis, and by trying to match his kick up the final lump in the road, I blew myself apart, and went from 2nd, to 7th with a little bit of a gap to make up. Instead, the 6 riders caught a green arrow and I, for the first time in many many years, went back down the highway with the hope of catching the bunch.

It goes without saying, but in keeping with my writing style I'm going to say it anyway, I have mixed feelings about that.

Strava link.

D: 12.6km
A: 253m

PMPW: 85kg

Friday, 24 July 2015


SKCC Velo Vendredi:
Full credit to the girls and boys of SKCC who rocked up for the Velo Vendredi (Total Rush edition) ride this morning. I'd seen the radar, and I assumed few would turn up, and those that did would go for the idea of coffee first, ride once the rain passed.

Instead, everyone rolled out, knowing that a band of yellow was chasing them on the radar, and wet socks and bums were likely in our future.

Strava link.

D: 29.5km
A: 112m

PMPW: 84kg

Thursday, 23 July 2015


TKM Noize:
The other week I called for two turns on Noize, and to be honest with you, a couple of minutes before I rolled out of home, I wasn't even sure I was going to do Noize... it was a toss up with NRR.

Once I decided, the mission turned to getting a warm up in. I didn't want to face the first 5 minutes of the return leg with cold legs, so ripped through a couple of sprints and a short tempo effort, then headed to Cafe Racer to start the pain.

To cut the story somewhat short, 2 rolls were achieved, and both times I thought I'd reached a pain limit, only to have to dig deeper to catch the wheel of the next rider.

When it came to the end and the sprint I was perfectly placed on DK's wheel, who was set up on Smax's... but when Smax peeled and DK kicked I had zero left to go with him. Not being able to sprint smarts a little, but it's the price of being focused on the longer efforts.

Strava link.

D: 50.4km
A: 205m

PMPW: 85kg

Wednesday, 22 July 2015



1 x 5min @ E1
1 x 5min @ 319W
1 x 5min @ E1
1 x 15min @ 302W
1 x 5min @ E1
1 x 15min @ 302W
1 x 5min @ E1

In rowing parlance, the main pieces today were 2x15min efforts in the sweet spot. I rolled footage of the tour on my pc, watching Sagan carve his way down a mountain like it was his hundredth time on the road. In the last couple of minutes of the 2nd piece, it was all about Geraint Thomas on the front of the GC contenders, chasing down Nibali for Froome... well all about G... and Lamb of God feeding angry straight through my ears and into my legs

Strava link.

PMPW: 85kg

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I had an early meeting that precluded an early ride, then a case of CBFs that precluded a later ride.

In other news I now see I came 16th on Sunday's Vic CX series race. Not an amazing number, but looking at the field, it's about right for the legs I had. I started to play the what if game, but soon realised that's not going to change anything, so it's back to looking forward.

This weekend I've got myself down for the State CX Champs, and a couple of weeks after that Nationals. I've decided to race masters (MMAS2) for both, maybe, with the right legs, and faster riders deciding to do elite, I might come home with a few medals to add to my collection. It feels like I'm giving the old big fish small pond syndrome a run, and though I've justified it to myself, I'm not sure I can to anyone else.

PMPW: 85kg

Monday, 20 July 2015


Last night the tiny canadian asked me if I was going for a roll this morning. I'm not sure if I even managed to get a "no" out before I laughed.

A coffee at 3pm and a caffeinated gel 45 minutes later meant I didn't sleep too well, but extra shitty sleep is still extra sleep.

PMPW: 85kg

Sunday, 19 July 2015


St Kilda East - VCXS DDCX - St Kilda East:
Fresh and sprightly are not two words I would use to describe how I felt today. No, if I had to pick two words to describe how I was feeling, they'd be lethargic and dull.

After a roll across town, a little warm up with some others, and a short macchiato, I lined up at the back of the massive A grade start grid. Seeded start meant I was forced into the ol' Pepe Lepew strategy of chasing all day, but congestion from the 40 odd riders meant it took a while to start making headway.

A few laps in I was with another bloke on a Ridley, he'd put a metre or two into me on the hill side chicanes about halfway into the course, then on the long muddy uphill I'd peg him back again. I was confident that I'd eventually get the measure of him, so when Neil Van Der Ploeg kicked to slot himself onto the Ridley riders's wheel, I happily took a better sit. If we'd caught Neil, then it was obvious we'd soon be rid of him too. Instead the two of them rode hard, dislodging me in the chicanes, and staying away up the hill.

I spent the next few laps trying to steady myself, to ride smooth, and to find the fastest line. Then suddenly I was being caught by a trio of Cam Woolcock, Paddy Oliver and Huw Vellacott. I'd passed them laps ago, and being recaught by riders didn't sit well with me. That's the point of the Pepe Lepew, you pass people, people don't pass you. I latched on, but wasn't feeling even less fresh than the start of the race, and the clock was telling me we had a few laps left to go... but then I heard the final lap bell being rung halfway across the course. I listened hard, it definitely was a final lap bell, its lower, and longer than the tinny cow bells of supporters. I took the remainder of that 2nd last lap telling myself it was time to suffer, but when we crossed the line for the bell, I still wasn't ready to do it.

I tried to be calm through the off camber chicanes, then when everyone went left in the wide section of mud prior to the hill, I went right. I'd ridden both sides before, the left felt faster, but the right was the shorter line. I shoved myself into the queue, Paddy forced to concede the wheel. Around the big pile of rocks before the muddy climb, Cam went right, Huw went left covering off the two dominant routes, so I just jammed myself up the guts. I'd finally found the will to suffer that little bit extra, and push 1-2 gears more than the previous few laps. I got a gap and held it to the line for what I assume was about 20th. It wasn't a great performance for me, but it's what I had.

Strava link.

D: 65.1km
A: 498m

PMPW: 86kg

Saturday, 18 July 2015


St Kilda East - Mt Pleasant - Sky High - One Tree Hill - Perrins Creek - St Kilda East:
It's been a while since I've had a big adventure on the bike, and while this was no double Amy Gillet, or Moe to Melbourne via the back of Baw Baw, it certainly ticked a few boxes as well as putting me in one.

The group dynamic was almost perfectly set up to encourage half wheeling and outright attacking, which lead to our numbers dropping significantly between the start and the end as riders decided (or by virtue of the pace had decided for them) to do their own thing.

Dan Pickering had us all on toast when it came to climbing, but the fight for second up each hill was hard fought between Dusty, Ged, Lach and myself. I knew I was in the mix on most climbs, but because I hadn't ridden with these boys too much, I could never read their breathing. I was often left wondering if the sound in my ears was a death rattle, or just the sound of someone tapping at threshold.

By the time we got over the back of Mt Dandenong and turned into Perrins Creek rd, I was ready for a nap. I'd surpassed the vertical of my next climbiest ride of the year somewhere on Sky High or One Tree Hill, and there was still a lumpy roll home to contend with. Thankfully I wasn't the only one to be feeling it, as a bakery stop in Glen Waverly garnered an apply scroll the size of my face and a full fat coke to help get me home to a massive lunch.

Strava link.

D: 137.7km
A: 2,407m

PMPW: 86kg

Friday, 17 July 2015


Johnny swung through again today and lent himself (in)to my quads, hammies, and hips.

My TFL and hips on the left side were tight, tough given that's the side where my knee cries out, I wasn't terribly surprised.

PMPW: 85kg

Thursday, 16 July 2015


Neither the body, nor the mind were particularly willing this morning. If I was a cake, you could stick a skewer in me, and at most it would only have a few crumbs on it when you pulled it out. I feel cooked, baked, roasted, done.

Like yesterday, there were no individual moments that stood out as hard, rather just a constant level of effort that's leaving me feeling like the opposite of the Aldi supermarket chain (taxed).

Strava link.

D: 46.0km
A: 184m

PMPW: 85kg

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


5:45 NRR Long:
Even as we were rolling up to the Mordi roundabout, I wasn't certain I wanted to risk getting wet by going long. Judging by the small number of riders, most had succumbed to a similar fear and decided to not even start the ride.

I did go long though, and rolled turns, and was the first rider to the top of Two Bays. Normally that'd be a red letter day, I'm not feeling that way though.

I rolled into Frankston, feeling like one of the stronger guys, and I reckon that was almost my undoing. I expected things not to be horrific, and when guys did their thing on Kars, Baden, the highway, and Canadian, the hurt caught me a little by surprise.

The most intense hurt was Two bays, I sat on a wheel until the final corner, trying really hard to stay focussed, but not to tense up. I don't think that's why I'm so tired now though. That is due to the turns on the way home. Steady turns for an hour, with a few guys rolling a little bit hot, just wore me down. I never reached threshold HR numbers, but it constantly felt like I was pulling the last turn I'd manage. It was effectively an hour of over/unders, that's left me wanting all the coffee in my face.

Strava link.

D: 94.9km
A: 529m

PMPW: 84kg

Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Ricktastic Tuesdays:
I went to bed last night, convinced that the weather would stay foul, and thus riding wouldnt happen this morning. The forecast said it'd be all right, but the forecast has lied to me recently,  but at 4am when my brain decided to rouse me, the radar looked good, so ride I did.

The crew was the same as last week, just Ricky, Wilko and I, and like then that worked out just fine. We chatted, stretched our legs at differing speeds, then found ourselves a coffee or two and a donut.

I had a few different sensations this morning, and I'm not talking about the sugar rush from a peanut butter, caramel and chocolate pastry that graced my lips. After yesterday's work on my posterior leg muscles, I felt oddly unbalanced. Tight in the quads and free in the hamstrings. I figured the quads would be where the work occurred, but I found myself wishing I could drive only with the very muscles that thumbs, forearms and elbows had worked yesterday. I was so caught up in the surprise and subsequent introspection that most of the hills were done as strength efforts, mental power normally assigned to changing gears to keep the legs spinning were assigned other tasks.

Strava link.

D: 54.9km
A: 665m

PMPW: 84kg

Monday, 13 July 2015


I'm loving, and hating this new relationship with Johnny.

On the pro side he's a top bloke, and we share a passion for bikes and exercise.

On the con side, I have to udder phrases like "that nerve bundle can take more pressure".

Today we had a crack at my baby cows, and for much of it all feedback ceased from me, as I retreated into silent contemplation of the floor beneath the table's little hole.

PMPW: 84kg

Sunday, 12 July 2015


We're fast approaching the end of the CX season, and the idea of doing the Vic and National champs is growing on/in me. I'm even toying with the idea of racing masters, but regardless of the category, I feel I need to work on my FTP, which brings us to today's trainer session.

3 efforts at 90% of my FTP.

1 x 5min @ E1
2 x 7sec HCLR
2 x 7sec BGSS
1 x 5min @ 319W
1 x 5min @ E1
1 x 10min @ 319W
1 x 5min @ E1
1 x 15min @ 319W
1 x 5min @ E1

The 5 minute was easy, done while listening to Paul and Phil ramble on about the French countryside. The 10 minute started to push me, I resorted to heavy metal through the headphones. The 15 minute almost cracked me, I started to ramp up for the final 2 minutes, only to realise that I had a further 6 minutes to go.

Strava link.

PMPW: 84kg

Saturday, 11 July 2015


Viewbank - Mt Pleasant - Viewbank:
Like yesterday the forecast for today was not looking pretty. So much so that to catch up with Steve I drove to his place with my trainer so we could do an indoor session in his garage.

The thing is though, the rain had stopped by the time I arrived, and the radar suggested we had at least an hour window before the next lot, so we went out for a roll around Mt Pleasant rd instead.

I threw in a couple of short efforts here and there, but I was there for the company, and being outdoors was certainly better than being confined to my own personal trainer purgatory, especially as we found a coffee shop after for a sneaky brew.

Strava link.

D: 35.6km
A: 765m

PMPW: 85kg

Friday, 10 July 2015


The weather forecast has done me wrong a few times this week, today it made me assume riding would involve a wet arse and wet shoes, when in fact it would have been dry.

Though it would have been nice to get an easy roll in, it's a rest day, so I just worked on stretching, rolling and getting a few glute med activation and strengthening exercises done.

PMPW: 85kg

Thursday, 9 July 2015


TKM Noize:
Noize intimidates me. If it was the same riders on Northy, I don't think it'd be an issue. I used to do Wednesday short a bit, it's the same easy down and hard back style, but it didn't scare me anywhere near as much.

On Northy, I'll hang out, move up, rip a turn or two, drift back... I have confidence that I'm in control of my arrival time in St Kilda. On Noize, I camp out behind the engine room, and hope like hell that the 700W effort needed to hold the wheel would come to an end.

The thing that threw this whole mental difference into light was Dave Sewell rocking up  for the first time and throwing out turns from Black Rock, where as I am yet to do anything other than set up the sprint.

Right, time to write things I'm going to regret. Next time I roll Noize, I'm also rolling two turns, and the one that gets us up to speed, and a sprint lead out don't count.

Strava link.

D: 49.9km
A: 192m

PMPW: 84kg

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


5:45 NRR Long:
I'm sure like most people, I assume I'm logical and that I make good decisions. I then assume that if I'm making good decisions, they're right, and thus most people would gravitate towards making the same choices. NRR Long does more to dissuade these assumptions than just about anything in my life.

To me, the point of NRR Long, the reason for waking up at 5am and riding through fog and 1°c temperatures is to get training stimulus. With that in mind, then surely the hills behind Frankston is the place to get said stimulus. Right, so given I'm not fit enough to smash every second of the ride, I prioritise the hills, and assume everyone else does too. I've got to the point where I'm finishing with, the front few riders on Canadian, and just off the back of them on Two Bays. That's building confidence, I can see the progress, I'm happy with the progress.

Then we come to rolling home, guys who I've not seen at all in the hills or at best saw going backwards, absolutely smack it. My brain cries out "Surely if you had energy/fitness/strength to do this, you should have gone harder in the hills."

I guess it's not a matter of right or wrong. What it is, a lot of pain in the gutter. It's probably good for me.

Strava link.

D: 97.0km
A: 522m

PMPW: 86kg

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Ricktastinc Tuesday:
I had to wash my bike again today, and I'm ok with that.

It was drizzling when I woke up. It was drizzling when I left home. It continued to drizzle until I got over to Kew to meet Rick and Wilko, at which point it stopped and we just had wet roads to contend with.

If I had to pick two blokes to share a crappy Tuesday morning with on the bike, I'd be hard pressed to go past the two I had. Nice, easy going chaps, who don't mind a chat... but the spray of water of wheels had us riding in a looser formation and the sound of cars swishing by was louder. In other words, words weren't much good on the bike... and I was ok with that too.

I'm struggling to tell you why it was all good, maybe its the two coffees I had, maybe it was chasing down Wilko for the Red Rooster sprint, maybe it was just because riding bikes is ace.

Strava link.

D: 58.5km
A: 763m

PMPW: 86kg

Monday, 6 July 2015


I set an alarm for NRR this morning, but when I woke up, the radar looked ominous.

There's a chance we would have been all right, but honesty, after cleaning my bike post ride on Saturday, it was the prospect of having to do so again today that kept me inside, warm and dry.

I came across this article on ze old ITB the other day. As a gentlemen who has a quad/ITB/hamstring maintenance program to keep his left knee from hating life, it made me re-think my current practices, and consider supportive exercises to build my Gluteus Medius.

PMPW: 85kg

Sunday, 5 July 2015


St Kilda East - Slack Rock - St Kilda East:
My legs, like the signature dish of Crompton cafe, are/is toast, so I just gave em a quick roll down to the ol Slack Rock clock tower, before swinging round into the headwind, and plodding home.

Strava link.

D: 32.8km
A: 111m

PMPW: 84kg

Saturday, 4 July 2015


St Kilda East - Iron Bark - Mine - Hewitts - School - Christian - Flat Rock - St Kilda East:
The only bloke I could convince to come roll some punchy hills with me today was Ryan from Rick's Tuesday morning bunch. Our twosome did swell to a 4 man party when we stopped to help out Ritchie who'd flatted off the Peak cycles ride, and he and his mate Josh decided to join us until Cottles Bridge.

The first feature hill of the day was Iron Bark, and it quickly became obvious that only Josh had the legs to play today, I figured I had his measure though, which made him dropping me at the top of Mine road harder to swallow. Up Hewitts he gapped me almost instantly and I had to settle into my own little mental and physical battle. It was the former of the two, the mental battle, that was hardest. I've ridden with Josh a few times on the Helly, and assumed I was as good if not better. I also think of myself as good on these little punchy roads, so the whole lot was doing a number on my confidence.

In hindsight it was all good though, I rode some decent times and it was simply beaten by a better bloke on the day, and rode on my mental and physical edge a bunch. That's good, that's what training is for right?

After Flat Rock, I turned Ryan and myself for home, skipping the extra couple of climbs in Christmas Hills I had planned, and thus making to Eltham before the rain started.

Strava link.

D: 118.8km
A: 1,787m

PMPW: 84kg

Friday, 3 July 2015


Recovery roll:
So the end of financial year has come and gone, and thus I shouldn't be dealing with reconciliations, but that's exactly what I did for a bunch of last night, and a good chunk of this morning. Trying to reconcile wanting an easy ride, but also get a ride in with Rick.

To ride with Rick meant north/east of town, but there's a lot of lumps out there, and lumps aren't conducive to just ticking the pedals over.

In the end, we rolled a modified tour de burbs, skipping pretty much every climb that's done at full noise on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and then tried to sit my wheel half way behind Rick's so that in no way could I be seen to be inciting our normal shenanigans.

Strava link.

D: 42.9km
A: 450m

PMPW: 86kg

Thursday, 2 July 2015


2 x 5 @ 20kg Low bar squat
1 x 5 @ 40kg Low bar squat
1 x 5 @ 50kg Low bar squat
1 x 2 @ 70kg Low bar squat
3 x 5 @ 87.5kg Low bar squat

1 x 5 @ 20kg Bench press
1 x 1 @ 57.5kg Bench press
1 x 5 @ 50kg Bench press

1 x 10 @ 18kg Tri pull downs

3 x 9 @ 13kg DB ES Bro curl

I was expecting squats to be hard, so kept the weight the same as last time. Once under the bar i felt solid, and the weights went up without too much stress.

I felt more confident about bench press, but kept the weight the same as last time anyway. 1 rep in, and my arms were shaking, so I re-racked the bar and stripped off 7.5kg and went again. Even after taking off 15% of the weight, it still wasn't love, so I abandoned ship and rolled through some tri pull downs instead.

PMPW: 86kg

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


I made it down the stairs this morning, and I'm mighty happy about that.

I'm also happy to have gotten out with a good little crew for some giggles. The pace was never really ball tearing, but it's still more pain than a regular North road so I'm not feeling like it was a missed opportunity.

Strava link.

D: 54.9km
A: 529m

PMPW: 86kg