Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Ricktastic Tuesday:
To end off the financial year riding with my favourite financial advisor Rick Horvat was tougher than it sounds. My legs are stick aaaching. Either the pain, or just worry about the pain woke me several times during the night, giving me time to consider if I should ride. When it came time for my alarm, I considered not riding, of just doing 5:45 Northy... but I've been here before, I was committed to turning up to the meeting spot and trying to hang on.

So after getting dressed, a task made difficult by my inability to bend, I moved on to the next challenge. Getting myself and my blue beast of a bike down several flights of stairs on legs that refuse to support weight eccentrically. Once rolling I managed to pinch flat a road tyre crossing Burwood Rd on Power St.

I made it to Kew with a few moments to spare, and while Rick tested himself, and thus me up High St, and Rosehill Rd, it all paled in comparison to the effort it took to get to the ride in the first place. 

Strava link.

D: 50.0km
A: 663m

PMPW: 84kg

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