Sunday, 28 June 2015


The tiny Canadian's CrossFit box had a "bring a friend" day, and despite thinking I'm a bit of a jerk, she asked me to come along. Understandably the guys at CFSK weren't keen to throw a bunch of unknown (non)athletes under barbells, so programmed a bodyweight day, and thus begins the story of why I can no longer lift my arms over my head or go down stairs.

Everything was done with partners/friends, but it was the two main workouts where that came into play.

1 x 100m Run

3 x 100m Row

AMRAP in 13min (12 rounds)
Person 1: 1  x 5 Ring rows, Rest, 1 x 15 Air Squats
Person 2: Rest, 1 x 10 Push up, Rest

So, that means I did 6 x 10 push ups in 13 minutes. The first couple of rounds I did strict, but had to start taking short rests, then by round 3, I was doing them from my knees... and still resting!

AMRAP in 8mins (6 rounds)
1 x 2 Squat thrust jump (+2 per round)
1 x 2 Jumping lunges (+2 per round)
Rest while partner works.

The workout was meant to be burpees, but after the last one there was there was no way I was going to be doing the pushups, thus the squat thrust jumps. The tiny Canadian and I had polar opposite issues, I powered through the jumping lunges, she smashed her burpees.

1 x 400m Run

Squaxican wave game. Air squats, done in the fashion of a Mexican wave. I'd try to describe it better if that doesn't paint an accurate picture, then it's only going to get more cubist from here.

PMPW: 86kg

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