Tuesday, 23 June 2015


6am NRR:
The fact that we were all still standing around chatting at 6:01 says something about the size of today's bunch. After years of rolling with the bunch, most of us have a feel for how many people should be hanging around when 6:00 ticks over, and today there was about a half to a third of what I expected.

As with most small bunch rides, it was an honest session today. Nearly everyone rolling turns on the way down, then track turns on the way back.

I've got to admit, there was a good chunk of time on the way back that I happily sat on wheels while Tom Leaper ripped out solid efforts on the front. Before I got back to regular appearances at the head of affairs (around Sandringham), there was one effort, and it stuck with me.

Around Mentone I was feeling the guilts for sitting on, so I made my way forward. I paused, then slotted myself onto a wheel that looked destined for the very front. A moment later, some brain cells having whirred away on some computations, I realised I was going to get my time pulling everyone along up Rickets.

I slid past and in front of big Keith from Bike Networks, and kept the pace he'd set before me. I figured soon enough someone would come around. It started to hurt a bit, and there was no sense of anyone coming, so I dug into the box and tried to settle myself. The next minute, or half an hour (time stopped being linear), I went through a set of emotions, and responses that reminded me of a Todd Sampson Redesign my Brain bit (the series is worth a watch), the one where he's preparing to do a Houdini-esque underwater escape. His support team/trainers talk about the bodies natural fear response, and how he needs to calm himself. The first wave of panic/fear comes no where near the bodies limit, in fact there's many waves before the true limit is reached. Patience. Calm. Control. Trust yourself to be ok and just keep going.

Strava link.

D: 47.4km
A: 172m

PMPW: 85kg

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