Saturday, 20 June 2015


Due to time constraints today, I got my entry changed from elite, to masters (MMAS2) so I could get done earlier. Just like in 2010 at the SKCC Trophy race where I found myself in B grade instead of A, I mentally shifted from "I hope I can hang on a while" to "if I dont win, it's a failure". At DDCX the other week I downed a block of chocolate before the race, today I sat on the trainer warming up, then had a caffeinated cola beverage.

Being a national round, it was seeded start position, so I was on the 2nd row of the MMAS2, and effectively 4th row of MMAS1. With the starters' gun shot still ringing in my ear, I took a good hard look at the inside line, but realised the door was going to close hard on the right hander off the bitumen and onto the grass. A few grassy turns later, sitting in a conga line of riders, I heard the commentators start to talk about the lead Al from My Mountain was setting up off the front. We'd been close in speed at Brunswick, so set myself to getting through traffic to race him again.

Taking places on the grassy parts of the course wasn't easy, one spot here, another there... but as soon as I hit the tarmac hill and start/finish straight on that first lap I laid into the pedals and rode around half a dozen. A couple more passes on the grass, and I was in 3rd overall and 1st MMAS2, then around a normal right hand corner my back tyre slid, then gripped, then burped out nearly all its air. I picked it up and ran to the tech zone where someone pumped it up to 40psi for me, but by that stage I was back in effectively last place, and Al was still charging on/off the front.

Once going again I deployed the same style as earlier, take a few places on the grass, and hammer the bitumen hard to take large chunks of time back. Drawing to the end of the 45 minutes, my back starting to scream at me, I was coming up onto the back of the chasing bunch. I took a place or two, then lost them back when I washed out on one of the final grassy corners... then gained them back on the bitumen, but I was still to finish a few metres off the back of Nick "Spiro" Edwards, and 1:04 off Al.

While the ride was enough for 2nd in MMAS2, I'm still disappointed. After getting near the very front of everyone (MMAS1, MMAS2, MMAS3 and B grade), I wanted the outright win.

Strava link.

D: 15.3km
A: 221m

PMPW: 85kg

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