Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Intervals - Sufferfest There is no try:
Strava premium comes with a few Sufferfest vids (thank's Leigh for the reminder), and I've heard good things, so instead of another 5x5, or ladder, I decided to give "There is no try" a shot.

I've gotta say, I struggled with it.

The issue was what power/intensity to be going at at any given moment. Sure, there were instructions stating stuff like 7/10 (on a perceived effort scale), but I was never sure if it meant go at 70% of what I could do for the duration, or 70% of my max TT effort, or 70% of my sprint. In other words, I longed for power figures to go on.

I may pre-calculate some power numbers in the future, but that takes away from the simplicity of just looking at one place (the screen). Maybe with time I'll learn the required levels, in the mean time, I need another coffee.

Strava link.

PMPW: 87kg

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Jason Lont said...

Did a lot of sufferfest vids when I got injured and was stuck on the trainer.

Generally I use these as queues:
<5 = easy
6-7 = sweetspot
7.5 = FTP
8-9 = think Two Bays max effort
10 = hurt lots