Thursday, 14 May 2015


6am NRR:
It wasn't raining when I rolled out the door. I don't think it rained during the ride either, but man was I wet when I got home.

Like most mornings of (potentially) inclement weather, there weren't many people up for the bunch ride. Those who were there, were mostly happy to get the ride done, and go home. The way down was track turns, but on the way back I cajoled until a chain gang formed. After the pace pushed me past my limits, I dropped out of the turns and started calling from the gate keeper position. I could see a couple of guys were doing it tough, so tried out something knew. I started calling for the occasional softer turn, to slow the pace slightly so that everyone would keep going around.

Even with that management, one or two riders excused themselves, and I realised it was time for me to share the load again. From inside the chain gang, I could see the precise issues, the blokes burning others, an could thus offer quiet words. "A little easier next time buddy", "Careful when you pull through, you're burning Tim". Through the golden mile we hit a perfect rythym. Every bloke was pushing on the pedals, but it was smooth. For a couple of turns it was the best chain gang I've been in.

Even with a full kit and a bike to wash, I'm glad I got up and rode.

Strava link.

D: 43.7km
A: 92m

PMPW: 84kg

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