Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Ricktastic Tuesday:
I'm liking this little ride, it's got more climbing than NRR long, and it's done without the long out/back drag. The alternating routes before the fireworks of Rosehill and Pony club keeps things interesting, and the fireworks themselves... well they're fun if you can play.

This week we had a crew of 6 riders and there was a bit of half wheeling on the way out, then attacks from almost as soon as we turned off Fitzsimons Ln. A rider, who wont be named to keep word of his return to form a secret, attacked and was given some leash. Like an overly eager puppy, he ran to the end of the slack, and kept on pulling, dragging the rest of us along 10-15m behind. A counter attack, a backward glance or two, and some giggling followed, as a group of 3 of us got together off the front. Into the bottom of Pony club and Cam McDonald was closing the gap, I waited as long as I could, but my nervousness level was inverse to the distance remaining. I cracked before the right hander and went solo for a few minutes inside a dribble filled box.

I was happy to get to the roundabout solo, to have an end to the pain. I was mistaken though, the pain continued. The pinch to Beverly Rd had me strung out, then there was the Banyule sprint, then another sprint for Red Rooster, and finally a big ringed effort on the Walmer St end of the boulevard.

I said my goodbyes, peeled off, and limped my way home at a snail like pace. A couple of coffee's haven't been enough to stave off flash backs to Friday.

Strava link.

D: 52.5km
A: 635m


D: 6.0km
A: 14m

PMPW: 85kg

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