Wednesday, 29 April 2015


5:45am NRR Long:
Rolling back home after an energetic loop around the back of Frankston, Amy mentioned how good the sunrise was this morning. I went through my little mental catalogue of the morning, and found nothing about the sun, nothing about an orange, pink, or red sky. There were images of riders' backs, of wheels in front of mine, of my bars, of my legs, of my cadence and power numbers... but no sunrise.

We'd ridden the same road, and until she rode off with the bunch on Two Bays, we'd done so at the same time, yet our experiences differed.

You're probably wondering what the point of those words were, I am too. I don't feel the need to talk about how hard it was, what times I achieved, or how I went compared to others, because I had no goals for today. I got on my bike, and turned up, just so that I could ride. When the bunch split in Sandi, I let it go and rolled the rest of the way home at an easier pace, chatting with Nadine O'Connor, enjoying the crisp morning air, enjoying the warming rays of the sun, enjoying my legs going around in triangles.

Strava link.

D: 97.8km
A: 510m

PMPW: 85kg

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Unknown said...

I read this post as though I was reading poetry. The way in which the words seem to read off of the screen reminds me of two beautiful swans dancing in the middle of a pond.

A waltz.

Gliding. Intertwined. In love.