Thursday, 23 April 2015


6am NRR:
I hoped a decent sleep would rejuvenate my legs, but they were still sore when I woke up this morning, which left me wondering about a return to bed. On the other hand I had a window of good weather to get a ride in, and I knew I'd regret not using it. Now, many hours later, I'm glad I did (get out), as my legs feel better now, than they did after 8 hours of shut eye. So mostly this is a note to myself. It's a relearning of past knowledge. It's proof, that you should just go for the ride.

I rolled up to the bunch intending to just sit in and go for coffee afterwards. The issue was, that once rolling, there were large lines of guys going forward, and if I didn't join them for a turn at the front, I would have ended up at the back, and the back was getting the full concertina effect.

Things escalated again when Lach offered to start some shenanigans out of Black Rock. I wasn't super keen, but how do you resist when you're offered a perfect sit? So roundly 35 minutes after setting out with the intent to sit on the whole ride, I was off the front of the bunch, going solo up a hill. My heart rate had long since passed threshold levels. I had blown right through my anaerobic energy pathways. I was deep in a bad place, with the weight of pride forcing me to keep on digging.

20 minutes or so after that, I was sat in a warm cafe with a flat white in hand, and everything was all right again.

Seriously, how good is riding bikes and drinking coffee?

Strava link.

D: 44.2km
A: 170m

PMPW: 85kg

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Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more. Coffee and bikes are what dreams are made of.