Wednesday, 22 April 2015


NRR Long:
I figured the best strategy for my first NRR long in a while, especially after a solid hitout yesterday, was to save as much energy as possible for the top of Canadian and Two Bays.

I sat in on the trip to Frankston and felt pretty good. I sat in on Kars and felt pretty good. I sat in on Baden Powel and felt pretty good. I even felt alright on the highway.

All these positive feelings left me pretty happy. They left me pretty confident. They possibly left me over confident, as I decided to attack the bottom and top of Canadian Bay rd, and was promptly shown the fitness of a young kid in a flouro helmet. It was up the top where I really began to understand my error. He was sitting on the front when I rolled up the bunch and hit the pinch, not only did he match my pace in mere moments, he upped it and created a small gap at the top.

Into Two Bays I returned to the original plan, and camped myself a few wheels back. It wasn't fun times as Sam Gifford tapped pace on the front, but it was doable. Then, the flouro helmeted kid hit the front, and it was pretty much game over for me. I pulled left, flicked my elbow to the bloke behind, and tried to find some semblance of rhythm while my heart tattooed a staccato beat on my ribs.

Strava link.

D: 95.0km
A: 506m

PMPW: 85kg

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Unknown said...

Nice post Neil. I enjoyed the scenic description you gave of the rolling hills and sea side. I enjoyed how you made me feel like I was there, in amongst all the wonderful sites, sounds and tastes of the NRR Long Peloton. Your poetic flair is shining through and I can't help but feel I've played a major part in this recent development.