Saturday, 18 April 2015


Hell Ride:
Despite a 7am alarm, my body woke at 5am for a nature break. So while I'm dealing with that, I figured I'd try multi tasking, and check the weather. To my surprise I was able to do both things at once... oh yeah, and the radar didn't look horrible either, which was kind of cool. After a few moments, I made the choice to go do the Hell Ride, rather than sticking with the plan of swinging a kettlebell later on in the living room.

Like most dreary Saturday mornings, the Hell Ride was sparsely populated. About half of the dozen or so blokes were up for rolling turns, one or two seemed only interesting in coming through too fast and gapping the bunch, and the rest were happy to just sit on wheels. I was in the first group, because despite a HR over threshold, I felt ok, and rolling through with a couple of ex elite riders like Jez Hunt and Troy Clarke is always nice for the ego.

From Frankston through to Mt Eliza I got the workout I'd been hoping for. Pacing the bunch, attacking Olivers, going with moves, before a final solo session off the front to Canadian Bay Rd where a red light ended my self induced pain, but also my chance at solo glory.

I spent most of the trip back home riding two up with Lee. I'd copped a bogan confetti induced flat in Frankston, and decided to chase some rabbits I spied up the road. It turns out those rabbits were a couple of Charter Mason boys, and Hollywood, just cruising down the road. I slowed to their pace, made it a 4 and settled in for a 40km chat.

Strava link.

D: 101.2km
A: 389m

PMPW: 86kg

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