Thursday, 26 March 2015


TKM Full Noize:
Michael Matthews had some pretty mixed emotions after Milan San Remo, 3rd in one of the biggest races of the year is both a great result, and not quite the result he wanted. Why this is relevant, is that this morning I also had mixed emotions.

While waiting at Cafe Racer for the TKM bunch to roll out, it was exceedingly obvious that DK's quads were missing. One one hand that meant I wasn't going to have coffee with my mate after, on the other, it meant the ride might be a fraction easier than last week, and my tired legs might survive to the end.

It was a little easier, and they did survive. I'm still not ready to roll a bunch of terms, mostly because I'm not strong enough to, partially because it's someone else's ride. I did the first round of turns, then sat on until Brighton when it was obvious the engine room was starting to wear down.

I pulled out from my cosy 25th wheel and steadily made my way to the very front, eased my way in front of the first rider, and then tried to forget I'd already spent around a minute or two in the wind to get there. I got on the wheel that eventually rolled over me, then promptly dropped my chain off my big ring and went back to 25th-ish wheel. Once going again, I went about re-passing the pile of riders so I could be involved in the sprint lead out, and my final effort of the day.

A lot of that sounds like I'm reviewing a training session and my fitness. I'm not sure if that's just the habit of writing that way for most of the year, or if it's indicative of a mental shift from recent "just ride my bike" to "righteo, time to make a fitter me". I guess I'll know about it on Saturday when I head north for some lumpy riding again.

Strava link.

D: 49.7km
A: 184m


D: 5.8km
A: 35m

PMPW: 86kg

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