Thursday, 19 March 2015


TKM Full Noize:
I haven't ridden and drunk coffee with DK in forever, and yesterday it dawned on me that with one housewives trick that you wouldn't believe, that I could do just that. Thankfully you dont have to click through to an ad riddled page to find out what it was, in fact, if you read the title of this little block of text, you already know.

DK long ago swapped NRR for Full Noize. They use the beach instead of the highway, and roll south easier, but come back like the TGV. It's fast, and there's a lof of "french" being bandied about.

I think there's a few reasons I haven't joined Noise more often, the fact I got dagged last time is one of them. Anyway, I got over those reasons, and went for a roll with the green train. The way down doesn't need much of a mention, but the way back... well that's the crux of the ride.

I rolled through for the first round of turns. Then missed the boat to go around again. I sat on the wheel I was on, figuring that things would get back to rolling a bit later. They didn't, instead it was single file all the way back to the end of the golden mile, where I tried to help Norm up for the sprint. It wasn't to be, a parked car curtailed any shenanigans, and the group called off the sprint.

I realise that I've glossed over around 20km of single file riding, and it wasn't because it was easy. Rather, it hurt like an emergency trip to the dentist, and had me asking questions about my ability to hold the wheel in front. When around Mentone the guy whose wheel I was on created a gap, I hesitated, waiting to see if he had it covered, not wanting to be presumptuous in a group I'm essentially a stranger to. He didn't, and from there, through to the top of my favourite hill when the pace eased slightly, I basically chewed stem and hoped my legs could deliver enough power to cover the gap and then just hold a wheel.

Strava link.

D: 49.7km
A: 178m


D: 3.4km
A: 11m

PMPW: 84kg

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