Tuesday, 17 March 2015


St Kilda East - Ricktastic Tuesday - St Kilda East:
This morning's ride got me thinking of the goldilocks like situation of being too fast or too slow can lead to feeling like a jerk.

There were 5 blokes along for the ride... it was meant to be 6, but Wilko prefers sleep to mates and coffee. Anyway, I didn't know the 3 blokes who weren't Ricky and I, and early on I began to suspect they might be good up hills. Ricky and I were on the front, chatting until going up the first hill required all the oxygen our bodies could muster. I felt good about my fitness, until the two behind resumed chatting to each other. That's the first jerk. The one who gets tailed off while every one else rides away, making them wait, making it longer until coffee is placed in the face hole.

The second came later. I'd managed to survive a bunch of new hills, and was confident I wasn't going to make anyone wait. We got to the Pony Club climb, and assumed we'd give it a nudge for training purposes, so I put myself on the front and left the chain on the big ring (don't say big cog to much, it starts to sound rude, plus cog usually refers to one at the back). Anyway I ended up riding off the front, while everyone else came up together. Ugh! What a jerk!

Strava link.

D: 53.6km
A: 626m

PMPW: 85kg

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