Wednesday, 28 January 2015



D: 2.3km
A: 9m

HCC Crits:
Hats off to Brendan Canty, he didn't just win, he won solo after lapping the field (including me), and almost lapping the break he'd attacked from. I can't fathom what that kind of fitness and/or suffering must feel like... my brain refuses to consider what the world tour climbers are like.

I came into the race with no expectations, and thus I can honestly say I exceeded expectations, because I pulled at least 1... possibly 2 turns before we were unceremoniously passed by a storming Canty, and promptly removed ourselves from the course.

The ripping Sou-Easterly wind was not a good thing for me, it helped the smaller riders up the climb, and in my opinion, they dont really need any help in making me hurt. So I suppose that makes me happier that I hung onto wheels for 30ish minutes. Another nice point was I felt like I was taking the bottom corner the best I ever have. I'm crediting that to a recent change of tyres, and also working to keep my head up / through the corner.

Talking of cornering, I'm starting to feel that the fastest option isn't a perfect race line. I reckon turning in slightly sharper, then straightening the bike up so you can get on the gas earlier is best. You still end up  at/in the far gutter, but you're getting power down sooner, rather than letting the hill continue to scrub momentum away.

Strava link.

D: 39.1km
A: 360m

PMPW: 86kg

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