Wednesday, 24 December 2014


5:45 NRR Long:
There wasn't anyone truly scary in the bunch today, though that's not to say it didn't contain quality... just that there was no one who could destroy all comers single handed (read: legged).

Halfway up the last kick of Kars, and coming into the 2nd roundabout of Baden Powel, I came off wheels and ensured that there was no one getting a free ride by driving the pace. Both times, I'd question if it was wise to spend anything before Canadian... oh well, that was for later me to deal with.

On Canadian a freshly married and strong looking Dan Pickering pushed clear, and was eventually joined by one other. A small bunch formed behind to limit the damage, and I tacked myself on the back of them. For once, I didn't kick hard on the final pinch, I wanted to see the difference a little less stress would make on Two Bays.

 I might not have hit it here, but the moment I took this, the bunch did.

From the first speed hump, when the road started to point upwards, I knew it'd be touch and go for me. Lach Davidson, and Jules Floures set tempo on the front, and it had me hovering around my limits. Moves that happened as we started to see house numbers were a struggle to cover. We'd caught the two escapees from Canadian, but a strong move went up the right with 4-5 riders. It was too fast for me to kick onto, so I waited a moment or two in the wheels, and as we approached the final corner, went solo. I entered the roundabout satisfied I'd got the pain in, and the stats tell me this was my 3rd fastest time. I'll take that.

On the way home it was big group turns with a slight taily. I thought it was tough until some lights split the bunch, and we were faced a chase with less manpower. 52-54km/h pulls with box section wheels soon had me wishing for my carbon tubs, or several more coffees.

Strava link.

D: 96.3km
A: 493m

PMPW: 85kg

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