Saturday, 20 December 2014


Hell Ride:
That was a giggle, and pretty quick too. The Christmas Hell Ride is always a good one, with riders hitting the front hard in attempt to get away and secure glory for the year to come.

Today, the rider hitting the front hardest, was Hendo. Gregory seemed to take great pleasure in ripping off the front with a couple of riders in tow, and seeing what damage he could inflict. I gotta say though, I thought that was awesome, and loved every moment of it. It's quite probable my joy came from having my race wheels in still, and thus an extra few watts up my craft undershirt.

After shenanigans in the hills, including kicking clear up Olivers I was all about the sprint. I wanted to win it, and I felt like I was a chance. Coming over Rickets the legs felt good, and I was sitting around 12th, I found Smax and asked if he'd give me a hand, and moments later he'd dragged my grinning face past everyone else and into the clear (or so I thought). I punched off his wheel just a moment before he flicked his elbow (perfect!) and then kept myself low and powering. I was sure I was clear of the bunch, I was sure the finish was closer! I was hurting, but committed. I stayed committed until about 50m to go when Rico came flying off my wheel with a couple of others in tow.

Oh well, next year I'll win the Christmas helly for sure!

Strava link.

D: 97.3km
A: 392m

PMPW: 86kg

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