Saturday, 13 December 2014


Rush Shop Ride:
The shop ride was predicted to be big due to Mick Rogers coming along, before racing the Super Crit for us tomorrow.

The roll down was a nice two up affair. I jumped clear a few times so I could get some photos of it all, before chasing back onto the tail end. There was talk of cruising home too, so I was mentally prepared for a couple of hill sprints to get a bit of a leg opener in before tomorrow's race. Thanfully it wasn't necessary, as we split into the standard faster and slower groups, and set for home.

I went with the faster group, intending to take a sit, but instead rolled turns all the way back to St Kilda. Once we got into a rhythm, it took a bunch of legs, but not a lot of brain to keep going. The best sit was from James Tomkins, and the worst was a draw between the 5'5" David Loakes, and the 6'1" Rogers. You'd think with a couple of world championships, and several world tour wins, that he would be be able to afford a few sandwiches now and then, but all signs point to him struggling to earn enough to feed himself.

Strava link.

D: 64.1km
A: 266m

PMPW: 86kg

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