Saturday, 29 November 2014


Hell Ride:
Before I rolled out of bed this morning, in fact even before I rolled into it last night, I was in two minds about what riding to do. The problem is the Shimano Supercrit, and how to be best prepared or it. On one hand I want to take the absolute best fitness into it, on the other, I want to see how good my fitness currently is and to test out racing on big wheels. The former approach pushed me towards another ride in the hills with Jim, the latter to racing tomorrow, and thus an easier one today.

I eventually decided on getting a Hell Ride in today, but I'm guessing you'd already gathered that. I rolled out of home at 6am with freshly shaved legs, and the intention to do some damage to the bunch up Olivers. After a coffee in Black Rock, I rolled across the road to say g'day to everyone else gathering for the ride, my intention was still to do some damage up Olivers. There's a trend here, but it hit a hiccup shortly after. All was good when we rolled out, it was even good when I danced from the front of the bunch to an attack that kicked clear early. No, where my intention wavered was when we were up to speed, the turns were hot. I glanced down at one point to find 56km/h displayed on the GPS, I breathed deeply and prepared for the ramp in power required to come over the top.

In bugger all time we were at Frankston, and I got myself to the front, actually, scratch that, I was on the front. A couple of VIS kids kicked as we approached the base of Olivers, I waited. A group of dudes rolled up the right and I picked up my pace. I knew I'd have to find a path through them in a moment, but for now I was happy to take a sit. When we hit the start of the service road and the start of the steep gradient I got up out of the saddle, it was time to find a path forward. I passed 3-4 riders almost immediately, and as I prepared to pass another I had a moment of panic. It was Zak Dempster and I wasn't sure if I was making a massive mistake. Adrenalin might have made me over confident... or worse, I could be poking the bear and prompting even more pain than he'd been dishing out earlier. I went around him anyway, got to the top and sat up to take some photos to surprised exclamations of "is that a real camera?!". Kids these days!!


I had a bit of a play on the next few hills to Mt Eliza, but was a little too out of position to do anything worth noting. I sat in for the return leg, before having a crack at the sprint. I didn't feel amazing, and when the wheel I was on failed to cover moves, let alone move up, I found myself having to start from behind a gap. I was happy to find that not only could I cover the gap, but power through most of the dozen or so riders ahead of it, and finish up in around 4th.

Strava link.

D: 102.2km
A: 392m

PMPW: 85kg

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