Saturday, 22 November 2014


St Kilda East - Iron Bark - Mine - Hewitts - School - Church - Flat Rock - Nicholas - St Kilda East:
I wasn't feeling super enthused, partially because I thought Downie was coming, and though I know he's had a couple of years without much riding, what he used to do to me/us on the bike is burned into my brain. Thankfully he didn't turn up, but a fitter version of Jim did. From the outset he half wheeled me, and on the first climb (Iron bark rd) he was a presence on my hip until the final couple of kickers.

That was sort of the tone for the day, good pace between climbs, and hard work up them. By the time we turned up Flat Rock rd we were both starting to feel a little cross eyed, and the steep and loose dirt climb of Nicholas emptied all we had left. We were so spent that we shared a can of coke at the Kangaroo Ground general store, before heading home through Eltham and Banyule flats.

Up until now we've run a system of "today's extras is next week's standard", or to put another way, each time we've ridden, we've added an extra climb to what we did the time before. I think we've about topped out on the time we each have to ride, so from here, we'll need to alter the route in different ways to keep it interesting, and our legs progressing.

Strava link.

D: 132.3km
A: 2,211m

PMPW: 85kg

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