Wednesday, 19 November 2014



D: 5.6km
A: 32m

HCC Crit:
I've had juuust enough time since racing to cool down and think about it, and I'm going to put a thought out there. HCC is exactly what I need midweek.

I wouldn't go as far as saying it's easier than the yarra st hill sprints I've donbe the last few weeks, they're both brutally hard, it's just that they're hard in different ways. The reason I think HCC is good for me is that I believe I'm lacking in aerobic fitness, and with an average HR of 171bpm for the 48 minute race... well, I reckon she's just the ticket.

The race itself had some interest, with the start of the win coming when a few guys slipped up the road on the first lap.  A few more went across to them a lap or two later, then a few more after that, meaning not long into the race a good break of 8-10 dudes were away, and no concerted chase was happening. The bunch slowly picked up the tempo (arf arf arf punny), and we were within 10-15m of the catch when a crash at the back of the break took the wind out of the sails. Everyone sort of took a moment to consider the two dudes on the deck, and forgot to forge on. Just to be clear, I had no part in the pace making until that point. Pre-race I'd planned to roll the dice and wait for the sprint, but in reality, I was getting worked pretty hard in the bunch. Sure there were a couple of gaps that needed covered, and I generally found I was coming out of the hairpin slower than others (so had to kick harder), but it was only when we were coming through for two to go that I put myself squarely on the front and drove the bunch.

Strava link.

D: 57.8km
A: 532m

PMPW: 85kg

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