Wednesday, 8 October 2014


5:45am NRR Long:
I apologise in advance if this becomes like a first person race summary,  I've had so many battles on NRR long over the years I think of it as a race. So much so, that I was just as nervous about this morning, as I was about lining up for Sunday's crit. Thankfully, it's Warny week, so a lot of the dudes who've been tearing legs off were absent.

Firstly, holy crap it was a big bunch. At a guess I'd put it at 40-50 riders going long off of the 5:45 bunch. When everyone rolled through for turns, which happened for a bunch of the trip down and the trip back, it lead to panicked "oh god I'm too far back" when in the slow lane.

I set times up Canadian Bay and Two Bays that feature in my top 10 all time best times, which is nice, but I couldn't hold onto a surge that happened around house #30 on Two Bays. Adam McGillivray cracked in front of me, so I headed around him, only to find the rider in front of him had cracked too leaving a gap to the 6 lead riders. It was a bridge too far, and I had to revert to finding my own pace for the final km.

It was around then that another rider come up to my hip, and announced he'd written me off earlier as a sprinter. I was pretty solidly in the box, so squeezed out a couple of words to confirm that I am... then I dug deeper. The incentive to dislodge him into 'beaten up a hill by a fat bloke' shame, was enough to find an extra 100w for a few moments.

Close to Mordi, I had my best ever interaction with another rider about their (wrong) behaviour. A guy had ridden up the inside and past a car waiting patiently to go around a stopped garbage truck. It wasn't planned, but when the bunch, who'd waited behind said car came along side, I simply said "dude, that wasn't the correct decision". Later, when we had a moment at some lights he happily engaged on the subject, rather than coming in super defensive.

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D: 94.9km
A: 510m


D: 6.9km
A: 33m

PMPW: 88kg

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