Sunday, 5 October 2014


SKCC Crit:
I turned up early and rolled around with e grade, but skipped D completely, because the grades have changed times this year. Last year, E and D were back to back, and then there was a gap while the women's grades raced where I could get a coffee or two, pin on a number, and relax for a few moments. Anyway, I rocked up for A grade, and lined up with the simple goal of seeing how fit I am.

The answer to that simple question is, not amazing, but not horrible either. I never feared I'd get dropped, and I grabbed wheels that were bridging to attacks, but on the other hand, moving up the bunch wasn't simple, and I wasn't confident to bridge to moves solo.

There were a lot of attacks through out the race, but everything was getting shut down after a few laps off the front. By halfway through the race, I was confident it'd come down to a bunch kick, and I could thus become even less attentive than I had been. It was during this time of quiet confidence (not in my legs), tucked away in the pack I spied a rogue shopping bag blowing across the course. If I'd had a sports camera mounted under my bars, it would have been the most beautiful thing I'd ever filmed. I ran over it, and moments later I knew it'd gone straight into my rear mech.

I spent the next few minutes clearing it from my gears, before rejoining the bunch. I rejoined at the back of the bunch, only to a lap or so later see the 3 to go sign. I was way too far out of position, and on the wrong side of the bunch from Ben Abels. I moved myself up a bit, and found Sam from Artisan, and told him to get on. I made ground where I could, but we were still 30 odd riders from the front as we got the bell for the final lap. Coming out of turn two I drove up the side, under the encouragement of Sam. I made it up to the top 10 coming up to the final turn, indicated to him he should go inside me, and continued straight on instead of trying to get my spent body around the corner safely.

I'm happy to have a race under the belt, and to get my nerves of failure put to bed.

Strava link.

D: 90.1km
A: 96m

PMPW: 88kg

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