Wednesday, 22 October 2014


5:45am NRR Long:
I lay in bed after my alarm went off at 5, working out if I'd told anyone I would be at the ride, working out if I'd done enough training yesterday and over the weekend to be able to explain away not riding today. After a few moments, it was a single thought that got me up and going.

"You never regret going."

With a slightly more awake brain it's obvious that it doesn't hold true in all situations, but it did today, and it was the difference between action and inaction. For that reason, those few moments flat on my back with a HR of around 55bpm, were just as important as the 8 minutes I spent on Canadian Bay and Two Bays rds with a HR soaring past 180bpm.

There were some good legs in the bunch today, but a mix of upcoming races (Grafton-Inverell) or lack there of, meant there weren't too many being aggressive on the front. Bensley, well... he was worth several men this morning. He attacked on every single climb, forcing riders to ask themselves questions. I asked a couple of questions of myself, and mostly the answers were drool filled mumbling.

Strava link.

D: 93.4km
A: 513m

Some folks at work needed a tender delivered to the CBD pronto. So with great delight I volunteered to get it there personally. Little did they know, I'd also planned to live out some minor cycling related fantasies.

For a brief few moments, I was a pro rider, as I totes got paid to bum around on two wheels. While I didn't do any mad skids, and my fixed gear bicycle is equipped with a hand operated brake (which I used), I still nodded to all the couriers I saw, an act of camaraderie. Basically I was just a walky talky, front rack, massive messenger bag, many tattoos, disdain for traffic laws, and an actual job with a delivery company away from being the envy of several 2007 hipsters .

D: 19.1km
A: 231m

PMPW: 88kg

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