Sunday, 19 October 2014


St Kilda East, Blairgowrie, St Kilda East:
There were 3 things vying for the coveted title of "hardest things about today".

Firstly, getting to the start of this ride at 5am was definitely not easy.

Secondly, hanging on when Dom got bored and laid out watts on the front gave my recent power numbers a good nudge.

Finally, setting tempo between rounds of Dom destruction, into the northerly insistent on shoving every piece of pollen in victoria into my eyes and up my nose, was taxing too.

The ride was a joint venture between AMG Berwick and Rush. They provided a couple of hundred black clad riders up for an adventure. We provided a few dozen pink clad riders to help make that happen, and happen happily. Like the regular Saturday morning shop ride, there were different speed groups, to allow for a range of abilities.

I set out first with the fastest group bound for Blairgowrie and a cooked 2nd breakfast. I had my nose in the wind for most of the trip from Frankston down, then all the way back. Our little bunch of happy riders got split up by the kick of Olivers, so I rode with a few of those that got tailed off until breakfast. After some eggs, bacon and a coffee, we set our little group back out onto the road and into the headwind. Dom was obviously the strongest rider, at times dragging a ragged single file line of riders down the road, so he stayed on the front for all bar a few kms before Mordi. I put myself next to him as often as traffic (cars and cyclists), and my legs allowed.

Strava link.

D: 175.8km
A: 888m

CE: 1/2

PMPW: 88kg

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