Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I rolled into this one with a poor mental attitude, and in return my body never wanted to party. I sat on the front until Southland, a move motivated by wanting to be near the front, and not wanting to be the jerk who rolls up and pushes in at 5th wheel. After Southland I didn't get further forward than 3rd wheel until there was 900m to go in the ride (to BP).

I probably should have validated the first idea up there before typing it out, but it's done now, I'm 4-5 lines later and there's no going back. I suppose it's not really a bad thing that I had an easier day in a week that I've designated as one where I want to take it easier. I had a vision of having less hard days, but still going moderately hard on those days, and I guess that's where the poor attitude thing comes from. On a micro level (individual rides), I thought I should be going hard, on a macro level (the week as a whole), I feel it should be easy.

Strava link.

D: 44.1km
A: 151m

In other news, I'm told that today is ride to work day. Coming off the end of northy I joked about walking to work. I rode, you know... because walking is silly, and was surprised that there was less evidence of people riding to my office building than on normal days.

On a micro level that's good for me, as I got a bike park. On a macro level it's a worry, Steve puts it best "more people on more bikes is more better.".

D: 6.9km
A: 36m


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